Reprisal Scars


"Back from the grave!

Reprisal Scars has risen again and is ready to unleash their fury upon the world. The band feels reinvigorated and energized for be playing together once more and at the moment their first priority is to do some shows and compose new material.

Regarding new material, it is founded on the same roots as always, serving a mixture of thrash and melodic death metal. That said, this time around the songs are more darker in tone and have wider range of contrasts. Feel of the material is more driven by riffs, it's a bit faster but has more extreme dynamic shifts."

The band was formed in 2003 at the smoky cloakroom of the renowned rock club Tanssisali Lutakko by Paananen and Halonen. Since then the unit has released three demos (Demo 2004, Evidence 2005, Done Is Done 2006), two EPs (Dead End Road 2008, Is This the Next Last Day 2010) and a full length album Killing Art Of Self-Deception (2008). Both Evidence and Dead End Road won "Demo of the week" competition by finnish national radio station YleX and Killing Art Of Self-Deception reached seventh position in a "Best Finnish Newcomer" -category at 2008 Finnish Metal Awards. All this time the band had been actively playing shows around the nation, having some festival experience also.

January 11. 2011 the band announced their break-up. Kauppinen had to leave the country for work related reasons and rest of the band felt that replacing him would be out of the question, therefore they laid to rest.

... But this wasn't the end. After three years of slumber the beast awoke to play a one time gig at Selviytyjät Private Metal Festival 2014, a fitting resurrection as it was 50th gig for the band overall and Selviytyjät 2008 was the first gig where Paavola, Halonen, Paananen and Kauppinen ever played together. The gig was an absolute blast and after few months rest there started to live a ever growing need of creating some new material and for more gigs. Now they are back like never before, crushing enemies, seeing them driven before them and hearing the lamentations of their women!


Sakke Paavola: Vocals
Joonas Paananen: Guitars
Tuomas Kauppinen: Guitars
Teemu Kupari: Bass
Ville Halonen: Drums


Is This the Next Last Day

Is This the Next Last Day | EP 2010
Violent Journey Records | VJR095
Violent Journey Records, VJR095
Recorded and mixed at SN-Audio Productions
Recorded by Aksu Hanttu and Sami Niittykoski
Mixed by Aksu Hanttu
Mastered at Noisework Productions by Hannu Honkonen
Killing Art of Self-Deception

Killing Art of Self-Deception | Full Length 2008
Violent Journey Records | VJR017
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Hannu Honkonen | Noisework Productions
Dead End Road

Dead End Road | EP 2008
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Arttu Sarvanne | Studio Watercastle
Done Is Done

Done Is Done | DEMO 2006
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Arttu Sarvanne | Studio Watercastle

Evidence | DEMO 2005
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Flavia Lester | Sam's Workshop
Demo 2004

Demo 2004 | DEMO 2004
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Flavia Lester | Sam's Workshop

09.04 Dog's Home, Tampere (Pressure Points & Scapes)
29.04 Kära Kants, Rakvere, Estonia (Intact & tba)
30.04 Pikne Baar, Tallinn, Estonia (Intact & tba)


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